Membership Fees

  • Golf Subscriptions attract E.G. & County affiliations fees and insurance levy.

Membership Fees
Adult Full Member £585
Intermediate (age 18 - 20) £117
Intermediate (age 21 - 23) £234
Intermediate (age 24 - 25) £438.75
Junior £60
Country £311
House Member £65 +VAT
Joint House Members £55 +VAT (per person)

Categories of Membership

Full Adult Member
A person over the age of 25 years on the 1st January.

Junior Member
A person under the age of 18 years on the 1st January.

Intermediate Member
A person who is ages 18 - 20 years on the 1st January.

Country Member
A person may become a Country Member provided they are over the age of 18 and who is a full paying member of another golf club governed by the R&R Rules LTD and which is affiliated to the appropriate Golf Union.

House Member
Non playing social member.

Joint House Member

Membership remains at all times at the discretion of the Management Committee